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Ever wonder about those mischievous masterminds behind your new cool ride, or the fiendish phantoms turning wrenches on your faithful steed?  Here you go, the backstory of our little shop.

The Cycle Sports Story

Attias opened the shop on August 17th, 1991 with $3000 in cash and a $10,000 of cash advances on two visa cards (18% apr at the time). He figured if he couldn’t make 1.5% on turning the inventory per month, he had no business being open. Attias came from a sales background and rode bikes simply for fun. The first store was in the South Shore Shopping Center, Alameda in 1200 sq’ next door to the location that is now Radio Shack. Marcos Munoz was the first Cycle Sports employee and a critical collaborator. Attias notes, “without Marcos’s industry expertise, I wouldn’t have been able to open the shop.” At the end of 2002, Attias decided to branch out and explore starting up a professional cycling team.  In  2003 – The Healthnet Professional Cycling Team was formed, under the management of Momentum Sports Group, and still operates today as the UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling team. Many world class riders have come through team and the shop such as: Tyler Farrar, Greg Henderson, Gordon Fraser, Ryder Hesjedal, Rory Sutherland, Haden Ralston, Tim Johnson, Jake Keough, Robert Forster, and many more… 5 Olympians, 2 world champions, 13 National Champions… 1100+ race wins.  In spite of the team’s success, Attias can still be found on the Cycle Sports sales floor, now and then.  The office where he directs the team is just upstairs.

Little known fact: Attias once played chess with Bobby Fischer, nearly winning if not for Fischer’s cunning use of the obscure ‘en passant’ move.

BMX rider doing a jump

Johnathon Ramirez

Welcome Johnathon Ramirez to the Cycle Sports family. Johnny comes to us from a race car background. His father once raced a Datsun B-210 at Indy, and won! Johnny learned to ride bikes while helping out in the pits on his fathers team, bringing whole milk to the mechanics. 

Little known fact: Johnny's first job after high school was as a tower guard with Her Majesty's Royal Palace. 

Tim Parker working on a wheel

Tim Parker

A legend among men, Tim Parker has been a fixture in the California cycling scene for longer than he will admit.  In February 2001 Alan Cote, of Bicycling Magazine, wrote an article naming Parker “the last great mechanic.”  Well, if he was great over ten years ago he is even better now.  Parker has turned wrenches at the Tour de France, graced numerous bike shops across California, and has raced all across the west.  When asked what his favorite bicycle he has owned was, he had a hard time narrowing it down from the over 50 racing bicycles he has owned over the years.  Of particular note he mentioned that his 1976 De Rosa was the best descending bike and his late 70’s Raleigh with 753 tubing also held a special place; he said it was also difficult to decide between any one of the 5 Della Santa bikes he has owned.
Little known fact: Parker once threw a medium rare steak at Greg Lemond, exclaiming ‘I said rare you idiot’.


Mark Munoz

An incorrigible face at the shop, Munoz has worked in the bike industry for decades leaving only briefly to train in the acrobatic arts with master double-trapeze artist Serge Oblogatavich in Vladovostok.  He was the first Cycle Sports employee back in 1991 and his dedication to the bike industry is unwavering.  He hangs around the shop because he knows just about every one in the in the business, and without him it is very likely our secret tube supplier would dry up in an instant.  Munoz notes that his favorite bike is a toss up between his De Rosa and his powder blue custom painted 1×9 RedLine monocog.

Little known fact: In the days before STI shifting, Munoz would shift his front chain rings with his fingers while riding.

Why Choose Cycle Sports?

Shopper looking at bike packs

Quality & Value

We sell products from the best bicycle brands in the world. Trek, Specialized, Parlee, Independent Fabrications, Juliana, Santa Cruz - brands we can stand behind for quality.

Mechanic taking measurements

Excellent Staff

Our staff is top notch, this isn't just a summer job for them this is a career.


Cycle Sports is Sustainable

We are powered by Solar, and recycle all our paper, metal, and inner tubes. We care about our customers and our environment.

Your Complete Cycling Resource

All Cyclists Welcome

We’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect bicycle for your riding style. We carry a wide selection of bikes and cycling gear for beginners and experts alike, and we’re here to help you select the equipment that best meets your needs as a cyclist.

Experienced Employees

Our staff is professionally trained, and our friendly employees contribute to our welcoming atmosphere. In sales and service, we’re committed to providing you with an exceptional shopping experience.

Full Service Center

Our qualified professional mechanics service all makes and models of bicycles. Visit us for a free estimate, and count on us for quick turnaround times and quality bicycle repairs.

Professional Bike Fit

Proper bicycle fit is essential to enjoying the ride. Our certified fit specialists learn about you, evaluate you in the riding position, and configure your bike to meet your cycling goals.