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Bike Repair & Maintenance

Requesting Service 

When requesting bike repairs or scheduled maintenance, we ask you bring your bicycle in for a free assesment before we schedule any appointments.  You can bring your bicycle in at any time we are open, and once we have fully inspected your bicycle we will give you a written estimate for the cost of repairs as well as schedule an appointment for the services to be completed.  We make every effort to accomodate walk-in requests, but seldom are able to due to the commitment to prior appointments.

When you have an appointment for bike service, we recommend you bring your bike in the afternoon or evening before its scheduled appointment day. This will give our bike techs some additional time to inspect your bike and perhaps even complete the needed work early if their schedules permit it. This also means that you won’t need to part with your bike for than a couple days - in most instances.

Level 1


    • Level 1 includes:
    • Clean bike
    • Air tires
    • Chain lubrication
    • Torque-bolt check
    • Perform minor safety related adjustments

Level 2


    • Level 1 plus:
    • Adjust brakes
    • Adjust derailleurs
    • True wheels
    • Adjust bottom bracket
    • Adjust hubs/headset

Level 3


    • Level 2 plus:
    • Drivetrain removal and cleaning
    • Chain/cassette/chainring install
    • Wrap bar
    • Rotor install
    • Cable & housing install. Parts extra

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or call: 510-444-7900